5 Life-Changing Reasons to Consider Permanent Australian Residency

Aussie Visa Services / 5 Life-Changing Reasons to Consider Permanent Australian Residency

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  • 12 November,2018

At Aussie Visa Services we are always ready to provide the best possible advisory for a successful Australian visa application process. Every year, numerous applicants apply for Australian immigration, and for good reasons. Australia leads the charge in being one of the most successful nations in terms of availability of good education, livelihood, and societal conditions. So if you are thinking about relocating internationally for better life prospects, then it may benefit you in a major way to make Australia your home. If you want to apply for an Australian visa to Hamilton or any of the other major cities such as Warrnambool or Melbourne, then Aussie Visa Services is always available at your disposal.

Benefits Of Immigrating To Australia

The following points may offer you several incentives as to why you should consider about relocating to Australia:

A Permanent Visa

This entitles you to the permission to reside an Australian as a permanent resident for as long as you wish, and after a gazetted period apply for citizenship. Once you immigrate to Australia and enjoy the quality of life offered here, the decision to opt for Australian citizenship shall be beneficial to you in the long run. Permanent residents also get to travel to and from Australia indefinitely. Care must be taken as after a few years if you do not apply for Citizenship you will need another visa to travel and return to Australia even while on a Permanent Visa.

Educational Benefits

After immigration, should you choose to opt for permanent residency, the permanent visa grants you the chance to pursue any academic course of your preference. We stress on this because permanent residents are also permitted to apply for educational loans which makes any course of their choosing farther attainable.

Employment Benefits

Permanent residents of Australia can opt to work for any employer of their choosing. When you are immigrating on a limited work visa, you are only allowed to reside in Australia till your present employer puts you to work here. Once your role is completed, you have to exit the country. However, permanent residents can make employment changes, claim worker’s compensation, participate in the trade union and so much more!

Social Security

If you are residing in Australia on a limited visa, then you cannot avail any benefits of social security such as health benefits, unemployment benefits, and student benefits.

However, once you assume permanent residency in Australia, the Social Security Department grants you the chance to avail all of these benefits two years after assuming permanent residency.

Health Care Entitlements

Permanent residents enjoy health care entitlements in Australia. Permanent residents get to enjoy the same health care benefits as the citizens born in this country, even if there is a qualifying period in some cases.

The primary benefit of this is the government-run health insurance scheme called ‘Medicare.’ This grants you the chance to get treated for free at public hospitals and avail subsidized medicine.

There are numerous other up-sides to residing in Australia permanently. If you want to build a life in Australia, Aussie Visa Services is there to assist you on that journey. You can apply for an Australian visa to Hamilton, Cobden, Portland, Warrnambool and so many other great cities through us.