• Aussie Visa Services has a ZERO Tolerance Policy on violence and aggression.
  • Violence, Abuse, Threats, Exploitation and Aggression towards any staff member is NOT acceptable and will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • if this is the case of a client against a staff member the client will be advised to seek another Agent, the account will be closed, and any funds not allocated will be returned.
  • Workplace violence and aggression occur when an employee is abused, threatened, or assaulted by either a co-worker, employer, manager, customer, or member of the general public.

    In essence, the definition of workplace violence extends to any action or behaviour that could lead to an incident that impacts the health and safety of an employee.

  • According to WorkSafe Victoria, a person is may be acting aggressively if they are:

    • rolling their eyes or sneering
    • yelling, swearing, or calling people names
    • standing over someone
    • spitting, shoving, tripping, grabbing, hitting, or punching anyone
    • threatening someone with violence – both with and without a weapon
    • carrying out an act of sexual assault
    • writing emails that are threatening or derogatory
  • Account Closed and Natural Justice   
    • If your file is to be closed you are entitled to Natural Justice
    • You will be sent an email regarding the closure of your file, with the reasons for such, and giving you the opportunity to provide a reason why this should not occur
    • A final decision on the closure of your file will be made 12 hours after the email has been sent
    • There is NO appeal process