Aussie Visa Services / Questionnaire

There are a number of ways you can provide us with your details and questions

all of these processes will be picked up by our filing system and we will get back to you.

It is illegal in this country to give Migration law Advice without a file to capture the information and store.

We are happy to provide you with answers to your migration questions and to identify a Pathway for you to come to Australian if there is one.

In most cases, we do not charge for the initial information but we will not provide information without a file structure in place.

We cannot give out Migration Advice without the creation of a Client File as this practice is illegal, it is stated in the Migration Regulations Section 3 that to give Migration Advice means the person is a client and thus must have a client file to record what is given, anyone who is NOT doing this will be subject to Disciplinary Action from the Migration Registration Board (MARA)