Natural Justice

Aussie Visa Services / Natural Justice

Abuse or Contacting the DOHA or AAT directly without my permission MAY result in the closure of your file.

  • Contacting the DOHA or AAT Directly is part of the Signed Agreement,  and Terms and Conditions

  • If your file is to be closed you are entitled to Natural Justice

  • You will be sent an email or mailed if NO email, regarding the closure of your file, with the reasons for such, and giving you the opportunity to provide a reason why this should not occur

  • A final decision on the closure of your file will be made 12 hours after the email has been sent or 48 hours after the Postal Mail has been sent

  • There is NO appeal process

  • We will notify of the closure of your file and provide a listing of Migration Agents and Lawyers who MAY take your case.

  • A copy of your file is available as per your Agreement, Terms, and Conditions