6 Visa Application Faux Pas That Applicants Should Completely Avoid

Aussie Visa Services / 6 Visa Application Faux Pas That Applicants Should Completely Avoid

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  • 06 September,2018

At Aussie Visa Services we aim to provide immigration hopefuls with a better scope at successfully migrating to Australia. Our services help provide a platform for aspiring immigrants for immigration in Warrnambool and other Australian cities.

In 2018, Australia remains one of the leading nations to migrate to for a number of reasons such as improved quality of life, the better the scope of higher education, civic amenities, etc. The sheer numbers of facilities that are made available to permanent residents are lucrative enough to convince immigrants all the way from the other side of the globe.

However, it grieves us how often applicants miss out on the chance to become a part of one of the fastest growing economies due to minor, avoidable mistakes. The following list depicts some of the mistakes which some of our clients have made in the past.

We share them in the hope that our forthcoming clients will not commit the same errors:

Incomplete Applications

At Aussie Visa Services we have encountered numerous clients who submit their applications in an incomplete state. It is baffling how something so important can be presented so carelessly. So we advise any forthcoming applicant to recheck their documents multiple times before submitting the same.

Also, applicants must ensure that they are submitting pertinent information. The need to provide the necessary credentials to back up said information is there as well.

Falsification Of Applicant Details

The visa screening process for Australian immigration is immensely effective. So, there is no room for fictitious details on the visa application. Applicants must know that the moment they submit their application, it will be subjected to several rounds of background checks.

Falsification of application details does not only possibly result in the cancellation of the visa, it can get you bared for up to 10 years from applying again and some visa’s you will never be able to get again, even some as simple as a student visa.

Even if you get false documents through the application stage, they will be checked again when applying for a permanent visa and again at the Citizenship stage, so if you have made it to Australia for 5 years they can still check your original document fraudulent documents result in a PIC 20 which can cancel even a Permanent Visa and get you deported from Australia.

Financial Stability

As much as it sounds harsh, Australian immigration authorities demand a certain margin of financial stability from immigrants. At Aussie Visa Services we have had to sadly turn down a lot of applicants who have not been able to prove the minimal expected financial credibility.

Make no mistake; the authorities are not asking for an exorbitant amount of finances to your name. They only want you to prove that you are capable of at least supporting yourself on your own while in Australia; you must be able to prove you have access to the funds listed.


You can come to Australia with a low English level and just study English, prior to other studies or just do the English and leave to go Home.

For most visas to Australia a certain English level is required, some students in particular cheat at this, but when they go to Uni they cannot do the classes, so no one wins.

For students with a low English level Aussie Visa Services have very good schools to assist with gaining the required English level to progress, but suggest you do not go straight into Uni, but do a Diploma Course before entering Uni or you will not gain the advantage of a High level of Education without the experience of English in the school room


Meeting Biomedical Requirements

It goes without saying that those who apply for immigration in Warrnambool or any other cities must prove that they have a clean bill of health. Australia has a strict policy for denying entry to immigrants with life-threatening diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

Law And Order

Australia only admits immigrants who can prove that they have no existing criminal records or are known to have ties with any extremist organization. 

To summarise, the policies filtering immigration are quite reasonable and standardized. With a little bit of carefulness and assistance from Aussie Visa Services, you can be an Australian citizen in no time.