Australia Partner’s Visa Update- Why Your Application Is Getting Rejected

Aussie Visa Services / Australia Partner’s Visa Update- Why Your Application Is Getting Rejected

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  • 07 August,2020

Thinking to apply for the Partner visa to Australia or you have already, and you are concerned about the reasons that might get your partner visa cancelled? 

In this blog, you will know about some of the major issues that Partner visa applicants face that what are the reasons that the visa gets cancelled. However, it is also stated that by taking help from the Migration Agent in Portland, you can reduce the chances of visa cancellation. The migration agent has several years of experience in this field, and they know how to handle all the paperwork and increase the chances of visa approval.

Want to know why the partner visa gets rejected- here are the reasons-

  1. Not Meeting With The Requirements Of Schedule 3- When You Are Applying For The Partner Visa Off The Bridging Visa Or When You Have Done Something Illegal

If you have any bridging visa or are not having any particular type of visa, and then you apply for the Onshore Partner visa, there are many steps to jump to get the visa approved. There are some scenarios when candidates are having the bridging visa apply for the Partner visa, and the Partner visa gets cancelled. If you have done anything unlawful, you can still apply for the Partner visa. However, if you have been unlawful for 28 days, you will face the ‘schedule 3,’ and most of the visas get rejected. 

What is schedule 3?

If you do not have any visa at the time when you apply for the Subclass Partner visa, your partner visa will get cancelled as you do not have the requirements of Schedule 3. You should establish compelling circumstances affecting Australian citizens, an Australian permanent resident, or sufficient magnitude to decide. 

  1. You Have Applied For The Partner Visa And You Have Criminal Records

If you have criminal records and have sentenced to prison for 12 months duration, either for the custodial sentence or several others added, you have failed the Immigration Minister’s “Character Test” under section 501 of the Migration Act in Australia. If you have concurrent sentences, that are if you have sentenced a 2×1 year sentence to be served, the Minister will take it as the 2 years sentence, and there is a high chance that the partner visa gets rejected. 

Migration Agent Portland

Migration Agent Portland

  1. The Partner Who Is Sponsoring For Visa Has Criminal Records

In the year 2019, the rules for sponsoring the partners to Australia have changed. Now an application made by the sponsor might get cancelled if the sponsor has any criminal record concerning the offenses done under the Migration Act. The offences are domestic violence, child sex offences, and violent offenses, and so on.

The sponsors should offer police certificates. If the sponsor’s criminal records are significant, the application will get refused. 

It is very import that a submission explaining the situation, how it was resolved and how it will NOT happen again is explained to ensure maximum chance of the Visa application being accepted.

Hence, these are some of the scenarios when the partner’s visa gets rejected. If you are facing visa cancellation, one of them should take help from an experienced migration agent from Aussie Visa Services.