Common Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For A Spouse Visa In Warrnambool

Aussie Visa Services / Common Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For A Spouse Visa In Warrnambool

Getting your spouse visa in Australia approved is a dream come true. Couples often make some rookie mistakes while applying for a spouse visa, end up getting disapproved. This article focuses on the mistakes most couples make while applying for the visa.  

Are you planning to get a partner visa? Applying for a visa is a time-taking process, especially if you are new to this. A single mistake could ruin everything, making you start again from scratch.

If you are planning to apply for a spouse visa in Warrnambool, it is wise to be aware of the mistakes most people tend to make while doing so. You do not want any delay in your application process. To avoid such, make sure that you go through the following with attention to detail.

Most common mistakes to avoid while applying for a spouse visa

Rushing into the process

People often tend to speed up things while lodging an application, which is not necessary and could lead to undue consequences. If you want to get your partner visa approved, it will help if you take things slowly without rushing into moving in together or getting married.

Applying on the last minute

There are some people who leave everything for the last minute. When it comes to applying for a spouse visa, do not wait for the last minute to get everything done. It is not wise to leave everything for the last minute because there are many things you want to cover. For example, you will have to organize documents, filling out the application form, ensuring everything is in the right place.

Not lodging the sponsorship component

A partner visa application includes two parts to lodge. Many couples often forget to lodge the sponsorship part, ending up getting refused for the visa. If your visa gets disapproved, you will not receive the Department of Immigration application fee. You could even lose your work rights in Australia.

Assuming you should register your relationship with the spouse

To get the visa, you would be needed to submit evidence that you are married or in a de facto relationship. A de facto relationship means that a couple has been living together for 12 months.

Thinking your visa will be cancelled

If you lodge a visa application, your current visa remains valid for a while. You are needed to abide by the conditions states by the state you are living in.

Doing the application process alone

There are several vital details in the entire application process that might impact the final result. You would not want your spouse visa to get refused. This is why you want to work with a professional agent to guide you on the right path.