Everything You Need To Know About Australian Visa Extension

Aussie Visa Services / Everything You Need To Know About Australian Visa Extension

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  • 25 November,2020

If you want to extend your current visa in Australia, there are several factors to keep in mind depending upon the type of visa you have and the reason behind the visa extension. It is a common matter that people visit Australia for vacation and like to stay for more as they start to enjoy the country so much. The Australian visitor visa in Warrnambool will help you stay in the country as a tourist without any job, mainly for a particular period. This visa is also ideal for business visitors. 

The visitor visa has a limit of 3, 6, or 12 months. Some visa holders can also extend this visa’s duration after arriving in the nation. Suppose you want to extend your stay in Australia. In that case, you can also apply for a new visa within your current visa eligibility so that you can stay for longer days in Australia. 

Who Are The Candidates Who Are Eligible For Visa Extension?

If you want to stay in Australia longer than your current visa permits, you have to apply for another visa similar. If your visa has a “no further stay” condition, you are not eligible for a new visa to apply and extend your stay. You have to leave Australia before or on that day when your visa ends, except for particular circumstances. 

The candidates who are having the Australian 457 Independent Executive Visa in Australia can certainly apply for a business visa extension visa, known as the Temporary Business Entry Visa. Various agencies help people get a visa in Australia and help them in visa extension processes. 

Australia Visa extension process

If you want to stay in Australia for further enjoyment or vacation, you can apply for the 600-visitor visa. If you are staying anywhere in Australia and want to extend your current tourist visa, you should apply for the same at least two weeks before your existing visa ends. 

The embassy will give you a new visa when-

  1. If you are having a valid Australian ETA visa or 601 subclass visa, E-visitor visa or subclass 651 visa, or the Tourist visa, subclass 600
  2. If you want to extend your stay in Australia for vacation, not for the work
  3. If you have fulfilled all the requirements of your current visa
  4. You are meeting the eligibility criteria
  5. If you do not have a “No Further Stay” visa 

Anyone who is having a passport is eligible to apply for a visa extension in Australia. If the embassy refuses to provide you with a new visa, you should leave Australia within the given period. You will get the authorization of the further extended visa after your current visa expires and 28 days from the Australia visitor visa decision date. Suppose you do not get any decision from the authority before the current visa expires. In that case, you can stay in Australia until the embassy decides whether you can extend your stay or should leave the country. 

How do Aussie Visa Services help?

Aussie Visa Services is one of the trusted agencies or migration service providers that help candidates in the process to avail various visa facilities to Australia along with visa extension too. If you want to have a new visa for travelling to Australia or want to extend the same, consult with the MARA licensed agent.