Everything You Wanted to Know About Coronavirus and its Impact on Visas

Aussie Visa Services / Everything You Wanted to Know About Coronavirus and its Impact on Visas

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  • 29 December,2020

Just like most countries, Australia too has implemented strict measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19. It is indeed true that the visa for Australia is suspended in many cases, even though a certain number of exceptions do apply. In this post we will talk about the effects of coronavirus on travel plans and visa of Australia.

Impact of coronavirus in Australia

Well, the current update of Covid-19 in Australia is 28,000 infections have been confirmed as of 10th December 2020 and 908 people have died. However, the latest reports state the scenario is under control based on what we witnessed before in the month of October. It is also true that no latest Covid-19 positive cases have been registered, which is happening for the first time since June.

Are visa applications at this time being approved?

At present, it is possible to submit applications for an eVisitor Visa Australia. This type of visa is actually meant for business trips and holidays. Nonetheless, the approval of the applications can take some time, and possible that it can happen after the travel ban is lifted. Moreover, the Australian visa remains valid for one year, so one can apply it for a trip in the next 12 months. If you contact an agent of immigration at Warrnambool, you will be able to get detailed information about it. 

Is it possible to use Australia visa during the coronavirus crisis?

In this pandemic situation, travellers are not allowed to visit the country. However, three exceptions have been made. The first one is for the citizens of Australia. These people would be the ones with Australian nationality or are a permanent resident of Australia. The second exception is for the direct family of people with Australian nationality or a permanent resident status. Third and the last exception is for people with the New Zealand nationality living in Australia and the people that have been in New Zealand for a minimum of 14 days and are moving from there to Australia by a quarantine-free flight.

On the other hand, people who don’t fall under these categories but have urgency to travel to Australia can apply for an exception to this ban at the Australian department of Home Affairs.

In addition, transferring to Australia is  being allowed for countries that do not require a visa to make transfers in Australia, such as United Kingdom and Ireland. That being said, the travellers are required to have the ticket for the transfer, plus they won’t be able to leave the transit area at the airport and are allowed to stay for only 72 hours in Australia. Simultaneously, people travelling to the state Western Australia can stay for a maximum period of 24 hours. 

When can I travel to Australia again?

There is lack of information regarding when people will be able to travel again to Australia on a normal visa. Even the trade minister of Australia Scott Birmingham stated that Australia will not open its borders for foreign travellers this year. The matter that is being discussed is whether the restrictions for student and other long-term visitors can be relaxed or not.

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