How Hiring an Immigration Agent Can Help With Your Visa Application?

Aussie Visa Services / How Hiring an Immigration Agent Can Help With Your Visa Application?

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  • 06 January,2021

Hiring an immigration agent is always a wise idea because the Australian Visa Application process is a tough one for anyone who does not know. However, many people indeed prefer doing everything on their own when applying for an Australian visa. There are several reasons why one should hire a migration agent for assistance in the challenging process of getting an Australian visa.

Given below is a list of the top reasons for hiring an agent for an Australian immigration visa in Cobden.

High risk of refusal

It needs to be understood that the Australian visa system is rigorous, and any mistake can lead to the application’s rejection. In the last migration year, before the pandemic situation, the rejection rate went up to over 46.2%. Many refusals happen because people make slight mistakes like uploading the wrong documents or not uploading the required evidence that should be given with the application. The best way to avoid such small mistakes is by hiring migration agents who do the job for you to make sure the application is error-free.

It is also significant to remember that the Government fees are non-refundable. Therefore, one should think again if they have decided to complete the application on their own. The point is that the visa applicant will be out of pocket by some couple of grand and nothing to show for it after the visa application is rejected. In such scenarios, hiring a migration agent is a small price to pay compared to the disadvantages of not taking their help.

Expert legal knowledge

There is a lot of legal complexity involved in the Australian Visa application process. In other words, the application will be filled with many legal jargons which you may not know of. In that case, making assumptions would be a wrong thing to do as it could lead to making mistakes that could reject your application. Migration agents have been working in this field for a long time. Hence, they have the experience and knowledge of the legal matters associated with filing Australia’s visa application process. They understand the legislative requirements and the documents that are considered good evidence and ensure that forms are filled out correctly. Moreover, Australia’s migration system is changing every year, and the Migration Agent always keeps themselves updated with the changes.

However, it should be noted that all the agents are not lawyers, yet they have a certificate in Migration law and registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority. When you are hiring an agent, it would be wise to check these certificates to hire genuine ones. Also, one can go a bit further by hiring an agent with a law degree. In that case, if the application is rejected, they will be able to represent you in court.