How You Can Extend Your Student Visa in Australia- Facts to Know

Aussie Visa Services / How You Can Extend Your Student Visa in Australia- Facts to Know

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  • 09 September,2020

Students have to obtain the student extended visa in Australia if their current student visa expires and have to stay longer to complete the course. There can be many reasons for this: course extension, extended time for research, reduced study load, failed subjects, or enrolling in a new course. 


If you notice that your existing student visa is expiring before you complete the course, you can apply for a student visa extension to the Department of Home Affairs and get it approved. Whether you want to extend your student Visa in Warrnambool or anywhere in Australia, you can take help from a registered migration agent from Aussie Visa Services, who will guide you by providing the best tips. You can apply for an extension visa online as well. 


What do You need To Know About Student Visa Extension?


  1. Confirmation of Enrolment
  2. Financial requirements
  3. Evidence of Health OSHC ( Overseas Student Health Cover) for the visa duration
  4. English language requirements
  5. Medical examination
  6. Form 1545


Depending upon the country you come from, and the education provider, the documentation may vary. Though the student visa extension processes are similar, they can differ from your initial application of student visa. 

COVID 19 and Studies being suspended:


Many schools in Australia have suspended studies due to Covid 19 and visa holders are finding themselves having to apply for another Student visa to finish their course.


If this is your situation you will need a new COE, and a Form 1545 signed by the College or University (NOT digitally signed), you will also need a letter from the School clearly outlining your situation, with this information you can apply for another Student visa and the Immigration will not charge you any fees for the application.

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How to Extend the Student Visa in Australia


Technically, you cannot extend the validity of your existing visa. But, you can again apply for a new visa while staying in Australia. If you want to continue your studies, you have to undergo the student visa application procedure again. To avoid any last-minute hassle, you must apply a few months before the current visa expires.


If you are applying for another student visa while you are in Australia, you MAY be given the Bridging visa A. It allows you to stay in Australia while your new application is processing, and it will become effective once your existing visa expires.


If you are applying for a visa outside the nation, you have to wait until the visa application is approved. 


How to Find the Right College or University for Further Studies


After you have selected the course that you want to study further, you have to find the best educational institutes that offer them. Would you like to change your existing college or want to consider shifting to another city in Australia?


There are various options that you can go for. You can enrol in a short-term course for the time being, or you could avail of any undergraduate course to add your portfolio. While you are availing of a short time course, you should consult with the CRICOS registered member who follows the visa requirements. Most of the educational institutes in Australia provide you the chance to finish the Honours year. So, it is better first to, re-enrol in the course and get the CoE from your chosen university. You should attach the CoE document to the visa application procedure.


This is a guide that you must follow while applying for the student visa extension. Consult with the experienced migration agent to avail the best services.