How You Can Extend Your Tourist Visa Application in Australia

Aussie Visa Services / How You Can Extend Your Tourist Visa Application in Australia

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  • 21 January,2021

It is not too uncommon for people to visit Australia as a traveller and extend their stay. The visitor visa subclass 600 will allow those visitors to extend their stay in the country without taking up a job, for a particular span. This rule applies for business visitors. Whether you want to extend your visa to Warrambol or other places in Australia, it is now possible to take help from the migration agent.

Though these specialists help you get a visa to Australia, the new visa application is paused in some countries due to the current pandemic situation. However, if anyone wants to extend the visa validity, they can do the same by taking help from the agents. In the travel visa extension, visitor visa subclass 600 is available for 3 months, but it is also offered for 6-12 months. Even some visa holders can extend their visa as soon as they arrive in the country. Candidates can also apply for a new visa if they are on the ETA visa subclass 601 or eVisitor subclass 651. Though we are talking about visa extension, the reality is about lodging a new one in the period.

What is the Visitor Visa subclass 600 and 8503 “no further stay” condition?

If you are now in Australia and you can apply for an extension to visitor visa subclass 600 as long there is no imposition of 8503 conditions, or which is also known as “no further stay condition.” For this Visitor Visa subclass 600, you should be a passport holder from a list of approved nations and at least 6 months validity beyond the visiting date. Condition 8503 is one of the most common visa conditions that prevent visa holders from applying for a visa extension while staying in Australia. Here at Aussie Visa Services, experts are getting more “no further stay conditions” as the Australian Government is becoming strict on immigration rules.

Why People Get An 8503 Condition?

There are various reasons why candidates get the 8503 conditions or “no further stay condition,” the most obvious reason is that the applicant belongs to a high-risk country, where it is always difficult to get a visa for Australia. Another reason, the candidate has already spent much time in the country or has abused visa conditions while staying in Australia previously. If you are evidence of 8503 conditions, you can help the immigration official waive the condition. Still, it is a long and hectic process, and proper documentation is needed, and there is no guarantee that the 8503 conditions will be cleared.

How to Proceed With the New Visa?

If you plan to extend your current visitor visa subclass 600, the experts suggest applying for a visa extension at least 3 weeks before your current visa expires. Processing a new visitor visa can take 10-30 days. If your application is refused, you have to leave Australia within the time determined in your current visa declared in the Department of Immigration.

If you start to apply for a new visitor visa and then you did not want to progress it further, and it happens before any decision is taken, you can withdraw the application by informing the Department of Immigration before your current visa expires. Here are Aussie Visa Services; you can provide guidance and suggestions on applying for a visitor visa and extension of the same. Contact us now to know more.