Important Questions to Ask During the Australian Visa Approval Interview

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  • 03 August,2020

Your Australian visa has been lodged, and you are waiting for the outcome, hoping that everything goes on smoothly, and the partner visa will get granted sooner rather than being late. The application is complete and you are now waiting for a result. 

But, suddenly the phone rings from the Department of Home Affairs,

Your answers are innocent enough, but the DOHA Representative Case Officer from the opposite side said that you should come up for a round of interview for the visa application.

They are able to do this at any time, and in the Form 47SP you filled in it asked you for what office is the most convenient for an interview,

  1. Does The Registered Migration Agent represent you?

If the Partner visa is represented by a registered migration agent or the immigration lawyer, you can still be requested for an interview.

Your Registered Migration Agent will help you prepare for the interview, but they cannot do it for you. 

  1. Over Seas Interviews

Even in some of the countries, the officers arrive at the house of the visa applicant, or even the neighbour of an applicant to determine if the relationship is genuine.

  1. What Is The Main Purpose Of The Partner Visa Interview?


The department of Home Affairs generally interviews to determine whether the partner visa applicant and the sponsor have the right knowledge about each other in all circumstances.

The interview is conducted to ensure that the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor is genuine and not fake while getting the Australian visa. 

  1. Secondary Reason:

The department of Home Affairs can also hold an interview if they suspect some of the documents or information provided is false..

  1. Are The Interviews Conducted Through Telephone?

The interviews are either conducted telephonic or in person.

The telephonic interviews are unannounced, whereas the in-person interviews are pre-planned.

  1. Are These Interviews Recorded Or Transcribed?

The answer to this question is no; the answers to the interview are not recorded or transcribed.

What happens is that the case officer takes a brief note from the applicant from this interview.

This is beneficial to the appeal of the visa. 

  1. If the partner visa gets cancelled if the answers given at the time of the interview are not right?

During the interview, the Partner visa officer collects information from both the applicant and the sponsor to get a confirmation.

The interview is conducted to know that you and your sponsor know the questions’ right and exact answers.

If the answers are not matched from both sides, the officer considers it not genuine, and your application gets rejected. 

Thus, while you apply for the Partner visa, be sure that you follow the rules and regulations and submit all the papers to the needed migration agent.

You can take help from Aussie Visa Services’ migration agent as the professional is experienced and knowledgeable.