Important Update to Follow About Current Travel Restrictions- Do You Qualify Now

Aussie Visa Services / Important Update to Follow About Current Travel Restrictions- Do You Qualify Now

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  • 23 February,2021

As Australia announced a total lockdown on 20th March 2020 and the country closed its borders for non-citizens and non-residents, there are several changes and updates to qualify for visa due to current travel restrictions for entering the country.

New Zealand has been recently classified as “Safe Travel Zone” and clarification from Border Force Commissioner on current situations are made, inbound travel request has been approved and now migration agent in Portland or other areas in Australia are now helping people to move to Australia again.

As number of active COVID, cases are becoming lower across the country and focus of the nation gets shifted to country’s economic recovery, Government of Australia expects that certain exemptions will be announced soon, mainly in the field of workers’ visa and international students’ visa.

Currently, these persons and circumstances generally qualify exemption to travel restrictions-

  1. Australian citizens, immediate family members and permanent residents
  2. A citizen of New Zealand who is actually a resident of Australia or immediate family members
  3. People who are travelling from New Zealand by air and has been in New Zealand for 14 days before travelling to Australia
  4. Holders of Business innovation and Investment subclass 188 visas

The Border Force Commissioner also advise that travel restrictions exemptions are granted to individuals who are referred as “grant ready” for permanent residence or who want to travel to Australia to get approved of permanent visa.

When It Is Good To Apply For Visa?

The Department of Home Affairs declare that you can apply for an exemption at least 2 weeks before but not more than three months before you are planning to travel to Australia. Currently, exemption applications are getting approved within 1-5 days of application submission. Nowadays, most of the agents are helping applicants in terms of visa extension in Australia as new visa approval is going through certain restrictions.

Know About Workers and Employment Exemption Criteria

Travel exemptions will be provided to individuals who –

  1. Will provide critical or specialist medical services that include air ambulance, medical evacuations and other medical emergencies
  2. Have critical skills or working in a critical department in Australia
  3. Who is sponsored by an employer to work in Australia in a sector that comes under Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List
  4. Is a part of a reputed team who demonstrate how entry and staying in Australia depends
  5. Is a non-crew member who is critical to operation of vessel where a State or Territory authority or tourism body offering support

These are some of the exemptions to follow while you are applying or want to extend your visa in Australia. To get help, you can take help from a professional and experienced migration agent who knows the process correctly and will provide you with right guidance. Aussie Visa Services is one of the trusted migration agencies that provide the best services to visa applicants for years.