These Are the Steps for Obtaining a Partner Visa for Australian Immigration

Aussie Visa Services / These Are the Steps for Obtaining a Partner Visa for Australian Immigration

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  • 09 October,2018

Obtaining an Australian partner visa (subclasses 820 and 801) may seem like a complicated process but not if you are aware of what steps you have to go through.  At Aussie Visa Services, it is part of our job to educate our clients about the visa application process and offer them the best possible ways of obtaining the same. We guide our clients through the dos and don’ts of the visa application process.

Regardless of which kind of visa they are applying for they can rest assured that they will have the best possible visa application assistance from us at Aussie Visa Services. Customers are searching for expert aid to visa for Warrnambool, Sydney or Melbourne or any of the other Australian cities can contact us for the student, work, partner visas, etc.

Steps to Obtain an Australian Partner Visa (820 and 801)

Early Application

If you are in a rush to immigrate to Australia, then it is always advisable to apply in advance as much as possible. The partner, visa application process, requires you to submit certain documents, plus the screening process takes some time. Delaying the application leads to a lot of stress in the 11th hour.

Paper Version and Online Form are Different

Although we notify about this to all our clients, applicants, in general, must be aware of the fact that the hard copy of the application and the form available online have some differences. The online version asks you for a greater magnitude of personal details than its hard copy counterpart. This is another reason why it is best to start applying early.

Identity Proofs

It is always wise to accumulate your identity proofs before applying for the Australian visa. At Aussie Visa Services we usually recommend our clients to gather the identity proofs for their partner as well.

Police Verification

If you are applying for an immigration visa to any country, then a police verification and certification is a given.  The police verification process and the relevant paperwork usually consumes some time before delivery. This is all the more reason for you to start applying for a visa at the earliest.

Family Background

When you fill out an application form for a partner visa to Australia, you also have to fill in details about your family background. This includes details about your parents and siblings and if required your step-parents and half-siblings as well. The online form requests for your family member’s marriage date as well!

Proving a De Facto Relationship

A stable relationship that has not culminated in marriage is a de facto relationship. During the Australian visa application process, you have to prove the substantiality of this by providing joint bills, joint bank information, communications, photographs, social invitations, photographic evidence, etc. just to name a few. Statutory declarations from existing Australian citizens who know you and your partner are further helpful.

There are a few more small steps and tasks that one must undertake to ensure application acceptance. If you are applying from within Australia, then a bridging visa is provided until your new application is approved.

Thus, if you are in search of a spouse visa for Warrnambool or any other Australian city, do not hesitate to approach us at Aussie Visa Services. We assist in the best possible ways to help you become an Australian citizen.