Things To Know Before Hiring A Migration Agent In Australia

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  • 12 June,2021

Migrating to Australia is the biggest decision of your life. It takes a lot of hard work and an element of risk to move to another state or country successfully. Migrants give up their families and career in search of a better future in Australia. 

Some migrants prefer to use the services of a migration agent in Warrnambool. A professionally accredited migration agent can advise you on the options and assist you throughout the visa application process.

Here is what you want to know before hiring a migration agent

Is your agent registered?

Under Migration Law, Migration Agents and Migration Lawyers must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority or MARA. MARA is an Australian government authority that monitors and regulates migration agents. Clients can make complaints about a Registered Migration Agent to MARA.

For an agent to get registered, they must have completed a Graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration, meet the English language requirement, and have a good character certificate. Agents pay an annual registration fee to take part in Continuing Professional Development courses to maintain their registration. This makes sure that each agent is aware of the intricacies of current Australian Immigration Law.

Migration agent code of conduct

All registered migration agents must follow the Migration Agent Code of Conduct. The Code is Displayed in migration legislation to regulate the conduct of agents, which includes standards of professional conduct, relations between agents, obligations to clients, fees, record keeping and management, financial duties, duties to employees, complaints and more. 

For anyone intending to use the services of a Registered Migration Agent, it is worth going through the Code of Conduct to make sure the agent is doing the right thing.

Onshore versus offshore agent?

Be aware of offshore migration agents based outside Australia. Offshore agents are not compelled to be registered with MARA. This means that they are not required to complete the necessary education and undertake CPD courses to stay up-to-date with the current migration legislation. They are not bound by the Migration Agent Code of Conduct, and they are not required to pay for indemnity insurance. Again, there is no governing authority to make complaints against an offshore agent. Therefore, you are on your own.

Experience and reputation of the agent

Some agents have a lot of experience and have built a reputation over years of trading. Therefore, the agent can charge higher fees because clients are willing to pay for their expertise and skills.

It is essential to find someone you are comfortable working with on a personal level as they will be required to have a deep understanding of your circumstances. In some cases, you will be dealing with your agent for a number of years; this is why having a good relationship with them is a must. An agent may ask you to be honest with them because hiding certain facts could be detrimental to your visa application. If an agent is fully aware of all the facts, they can take the necessary action to help improve your chances of success.