What Are The GTE Requirements If You Want to Study in Australia?

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  • 16 September,2021

The ‘Genuine Temporary Entrant’ or the GTE is the personal statement submitted by international students who want to study in Australia. Every candidate applying for the student visa or the subclass 500 should provide the statement to show that they have the right intention to pursue further studies in the country and experience the high-end educational system. 

This GTE requirement is also called the Statement of Purpose that conveys that the applicant has the genuine intention to apply for the student visa. If anyone is applying for the Australian visa application at Warrnambool, they should get help from the migration agent working in this field for several years. 

As the visa applicant, you should address the requirement in English and then attach the document with the required student visa documents. You should then write the Genuine Temporary Entrant in the regional language if you are not comfortable English. Finally, you have to submit the translated copy to the visa provider. 

If you pass all the criteria needed to move to Australia, it becomes easier to fly to the nation quickly. It will also be better to show the relevant evidence of the statement to the visa provider to make sure that you have real intentions. 

Moving further, the GTE requirement has the details related to your educational background, a reason to choose this particular career, and your personal life. 

The GTE Requirements Described in Details

Educational Background

  • In a personal statement, you should provide all the details regarding the last study and the evidence that you have completed it on time.
  • Name of the education provider and the Study in Australia period to complete the course is also needed.
  • Attach the certificate to get the GTE

Explain The Gap Between the Study

If you have any gap in the previous studies, it is essential to explain it on the GTE paper with valid reasons and the causes. It is also mandatory to show that you are genuine and a responsible candidate who wants to explore more education in Australia. 

What Is the Financial Situation in The Home Nation?

The financial situation of the current company is one of the major factors that affect the visa application process. Some of the appropriate evidence that you can offer includes-

  • Assets and liabilities
  • The economic situation of the nation
  • List of people who are dependent upon you
  • The political situation currently prevailing in the nation

Apart from these, the candidate applying for the student visa in Australia should discuss the reasons to study in Australia, the future career prospects in the preferred course, the immigration history, personal background, and the right documentation. 

After the GTE is processed, it takes around ten working days to assess this application. To make the process easy and time-saving, you can take help from the migration agent who will guide you thoroughly from the beginning to the end of applying for the student visa. In addition, you can hire an agent from Aussie Visa Services to get your application submitted on time. To know more, visit the official site.