You Ought To Know This Before Hiring An Migration Agent

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  • 15 April,2021

Are you planning to migrate to Australia? Migrating to an overseas country for the first time requires a lot of preparation and knowledge. Having a migration agent at your corner ensures accuracy while filling out the application form for a visa.

Once you have hired a migration agent in Warrnambool, it is easier to prepare and submit your visa application. Below are some tactics on how to harness your professional relationship with the agent to ensure a better outcome for your application.   

Ask the agent to outline the application process

Ask your migration agent for an inclusive outline mentioning how the visa process works and what are the stages, time frames and deadlines. The best time to do so is at the beginning of your association with the agent.

Your agent will send you a checklist of all the documents and information that you need to prepare and submit. It is wise to provide all the necessary documents to your agent on time so that all the processing works go unhindered. Since your agent cannot prepare your application without laying hands on the correct information, you ought to be very serious about it.

Do not wait for the last minute

If you do not want your case to be jeopardised, submit the requested documents way before the deadline. Mistakes are likely to happen if you rush. In that case, neither your agent nor you will have time to handle unexpected consequences.

Be transparent with your agent

Misleading your agent by sending false documents or information does not make sense. You do not want to commit this crime, and the consequences can be catastrophic. If your lie comes out, your application will be declined then and there. Moreover, your agent can also be jailed for providing incorrect information.

Check with your agent if circumstances change

During the visa application process, if there is any change in your work or travel circumstances, check the same with your agent. He or she will help you see if these changes impact your case.

Being updated can help

The agent you are working with should update you on the status of your case. Your agent knows how important your visa is. He or she must inform you if there have been any changes to the Australian immigration law that might impact your case. 

Your agent will outline costs

Your agent has some responsibilities towards you. He or she should give you an outline of all costs and fees at the time of hiring.

Do you expect a positive outcome?

Remember, no migration agent can guarantee your visa application. However, establishing a productive relationship with your agent is crucial in increasing your visa approved chances.  

While looking for an immigration agent, make sure that you keep the pointers mentioned above in mind. Ask your close friends for referrals. Look for online reviews and narrow down the list to make contact. A successful visa application means working with someone who understands your needs and work towards your goals.